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Thread: want form data to go to local drive

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    want form data to go to local drive


    I am new to the forum and would really appreciate if somebody could help me.

    I have been given a task to try and create a simple little tracker.

    So far i have used a html editor to create my tracker but the problem now i have is that i want the data when they press submit to go to a M drive and not via php or third party server as the info being sent will have an account number on it so would cause all sort of DPA issues.

    Can this be done????

    I will give you an example

    questions below with tick box

    did you promote if so what

    then i got tick boxes for each product we have.

    after they have made there choices and press submit i want that info to go to either my email inbox or we have many drive letters on our computer like D,M,L,Q so preferably i would like to have the info sent to any of the other drives.

    Sorry if i still not making myself clear as i am total newbie with html and how it all works.

    Thank you for taking time to read my thread.


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    Fundamentally, HTML alone is incapable of processing <form> data. You need some kind of scripting language to process such data. JavaScript can do some things with <form> data, but it is limited and generally insecure. To process and save <form> submissions, you really need software on a server, whether it's written in PHP or some other language doesn't matter. Using such server software, the information can be handled securely and with many more options than JavaScript can provide.

    I'd suggest you look for a FormMail script that will accept your form's submissions and simply Email them to you. They're easy to install and use. You can secure the transmission of the form data to the server by accessing the page where the form resides with https://, if your server supports it, or use a password protection scheme of some sort. Similarly, there are secure ways to access Email from your end. But you can start with the basic FormMail script and add such layers of security as your experience grows. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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