I have a form on a site I am working on. 99% of it all works fine, but there is one thing that is not working.

This is the form:


The problem area is the four radio buttons.
actually - just the IT services one.

The validation is all fine. its juts when the email confirmation gets sent to the client. I have spent a while on this and i have it as close as i can get.

If i select IT services - the confirmation email is CORRECT.
However, if i select anything else, the one that is correct will appear, but it will also show that i have selected IT services. I have tried various different things. I will put the relevant code here:

iquote page
<input type="radio" name="rdGroup" value="iphone" id="iphone" />
iPhone </label>
<input type="radio" name="rdGroup" value="ipad" id="ipad" />
iPad </label>
<input type="radio" name="rdGroup" value="ipod" id="ipod" />
iPod Touch</label>
<input type="radio" name="rdGroup" value="it" id="it" />
IT issue</label>

iquote thanks page
$it = "iT Services";
$fullmessage .= "Which service are you enquiring about\r\n";
$fullmessage .= "---------------------------------------------------";
if ($rdGroup="iphone") {$fullmessage .= "$iPhone\r\n";}
if ($rdGroup="ipad") {$fullmessage .= "$iPad\r\n";}
if ($rdGroup="ipod") {$fullmessage .= "$iPod\r\n";}
if ($rdGroup!="iphone" || $rdGroup!="ipad" || $rdGroup!="ipod") {$fullmessage .= "$it\r\n";}

I tried this before - also didn't work.
if ($rdGroup="it") {$fullmessage .= "$it\r\n";}

if ($rdGroup="it") {$fullmessage .= "IT";}

Any help would be much appreciated!