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Thread: Where to start...

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    Where to start...

    This forum is far from what I think can be considered a decent forum, especially when you think about the fact that this is a webdeveloper forum, you would at least expect to see a decent forum, but no.
    This forum lacks about all the features you could think of, and has some features which are completely useless. I would almost think that the owner of this forum only knows the 'programming' language English!
    First of all, a user replied to my thread and asked me how to contact him, well for me that is impossible, because I don;t have any information about him and there is no way to pm him. after a couple of minutes of searching I found a pm users button, Thank God. But NO, I didn't have the rights to send a freaking om, why in gods name would you need rights to send a pm??
    also this forum looks like it has been **** on by a freaking zebra, seriously can't you guys come up with a better lay-out, you can even download them, you don't even have to create them yourselves. This also brings me to the point why the forum is outdated like ****, this version dates from months ago, and updating is as easy as copying and pasting some files!
    @ Steve R Jones, I don't really understand your reaction on my post:
    Why are you wanting to do everything yourself when there are some many forum softwares out there? They range from free to not too expensive...
    You could be up and running in a few days

    If it is that easy why don't you start with updating this forum????
    and maybe creating a lay-out that doesn't look like ****!

    So for the love of god please improve this forum or else just freaking close it. And to the users of this forum, how can you guys even use this thing, while there are tons of better php forums out there.

    Hopefully the admins will do something bout this forum cuz I honestly feel sorry for this community that they have to work with a piece of **** like this!


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    Please post links to websites you have designed.

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    Northern UK :((
    Dude, a reason why you may not be able to pm yet is because of your post amount. If you mod a forum, you will find it is constantly spammed by newbies. Last forum I joined, I had to request membership by email!

    If you look at the bottom of the page, you will see they use vbulletin. The forum isn't the prettiest out there but it works, well for most of us.

    One thing i would agree on is mobile browsing/device recognition and scaling is really poor.
    99 little bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code, fix one bug, compile it again ... 101 little bugs in the code

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    Just can't please all the people all the time can ya

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    @spufi I am creating a forum from scratch at the moment, other than that i haven't designed any forums so far.
    @wh666-666 ok, but why not make that a bit more clear, for example put a link to pm for everybody, and if you have less than X amount of posts show give them a warning. Also I at least should be able to pm somebody that reply's to my posts, right? I know this forum is vBulletin, but why is is soooo out dated? and with vBulletin you get tons of pre-made themes, there must be a better one than you guys have at the moment.
    @Steve R Jones of course you can't thats the great thing about humans we are all different, but you can at least try to give them the best quality experience, and this isn't by far the best experience a forum can give his users.
    For example why not change to phpbb3 it's free, easy and has a lot of themes pre made as well.
    And if I may quote your statement again, you'll be up and running in a matter of days.
    So, whats holding you guys back.

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    One more thing wth happened to the edit button???

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    If your post doesn't have an [edit] button on it, then editing is currently disabled. Some features are disabled for new members, and you need a certain post count before they're unlocked. Also, once a post reaches a certain age, it's no longer editable.
    Once again, it's an anti-spam measure, and the reason for some of the vagueness in the details is to avoid giving spammers too much information they could use to game the system.
    What are some of the specific things you'd like to see here to make the experience better?

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    Ok I get the anti-spam, but why would you hide the edit button??, that won't cause any problems for the server, and spammers are just bots, and they don't read information so....
    But about some improvements:
    1. Update to a newer version of V bulletin or switch to the newest version of for example phpbb3, more anti-spam features if you are so concerned about that and more features, better management and well almost everything is better than what you ahve now (code wise)
    2. Get a decent lay-out, something that will amaze the users, not 1 color and squares everywhere.
    Why not start there??

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    Quote Originally Posted by viper94x View Post
    @spufi I am creating a forum from scratch at the moment, other than that i haven't designed any forums so far.
    Then I don't have any issue ignoring your little whine fest.

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