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Thread: Use efficient CSS selectors

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    Use efficient CSS selectors

    In this test I get a recommendation to Use efficient CSS selectors.
    Does this mean that Ihave done errors in css? Any advice? Thank you!

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    what is the parameter for a good CSS?
    i dont think you should pay attention to it..

    Facebook got F on their CSS efficiency, guess because they are using complex css code, but it dosent says its not good they are just using it for better ui

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    It's not reporting errors just inefficiencies. It's suggesting your CSS is more complicated than it needs to be. I'd recommend examining the suggestions, especially those listed as "very inefficient". There's nothing technically wrong with 2 or 3 descendant selectors (form table .item-list ul) but it makes things hard to maintain and modify, and if there are lots of them it will slow things down and can really be a problem in large projects. If you strive and learn to keep things simpler, minimal and terse you'll be better off, a better coder.
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