I'm trying to send some form data to two SQL tables. Below is the code I have. When I use the code below, it's showing that the information was successfully added. I go to the database and it adds the info to the restaurant table, but the "food" info is not added to the food type table.

Also, one final thing. 'Restaurant' is a foreign key in the food type table. How do I note that in the code below?
PHP Code:
<?php require_once("db_connx.php");
$restaurant $_POST['restaurant'];
$address $_POST['address'];
$city =  $_POST['city'];
$state $_POST['state'];
$zip $_POST['zip'];
$phone $_POST['phone'];
$type $_POST['type'];
$cost $_POST['cost'];
$food $_POST['food'];

if (
mysql_query ("INSERT INTO restaurant (Restaurant, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Type, AverageCost) VALUES ('$restaurant', '$address', '$city','$state', '$zip', '$phone', '$type', '$cost')INSERT INTO food type(Food Type) VALUES('$food')"))
{ echo 
"Restaurant successfully added to the database <br />"
{ echo 
"Error adding restaurant"; }