When i post an image in my CKEditor, all the quotation marks get replaced with the " entity and so the image doesn't display. I cannot figure out if this problem can be fixed on the CKEditor side, because some recommendations i've found along the internet just don't work as they're supposed to.

But if i add a php.ini file that turns off magic_quotes_gpc, the image is saved and displayed perfectly. However, with that option, every single form in my CMS causes Firefox to ask to resend the post data after submitting. This does not appear when hitting the Refresh and does not go away if i remove header redirecting with PHP (that was a desparate move). It occurs at the very moment the form is being submitted and makes no sense to me.

Solving my problem on either the CKEditor side or the magic_quotes_gpc side would be fine. But right now, this double resend is very confusing