I'd like to find a search function that will comb through a specific folder of images on our site and then display, on a web page, all the images whose file names fit the search parameters provided.

All of the images in the folder are the same size (72x72px thumbnails) and their names all share the same format: search-term-1_search-term-2_ ...search-term-n_S##.jpg . The trailing S##.jpg string is common to all the images, except for the two-digit number which is the unique identifier for each image.

I'd like the found images to be displayed on a page in a fixed grid (say, 6 images wide by 4 deep). Search results will fill whatever portion of that grid is necessary, leaving the rest of the grid empty. Searches that return more than maxImages (24 in this example) would fill the grid and present 'page 1 of n' and nav arrows, etc. Unsuccessful searches would display a comment - check your spelling; make your search less specific, try again, etc.

Each displayed image needs to include a link to a page with information about the image. All of those link URLs are listed in a text file and they all share the same format: aUniquePageName_S##.html . The trailing S##.html is common to all the URLs, except for the two-digit number which is the unique identifier each URL shares with its thumbnail image above.

Does this exist somewhere? Is this something a php expert could help us cobble up?

Any help appreciated. Thanks - Jim

(The search function, as described above, is slightly oversimplified but I didn't want to beat up this forum post.)