Hi there,
I am currently in the process of developing a new Pokemon MMORPG using all the original Kanto pokemon, a large chunk of the game has already been programmed. The game is writtein entirely in ActionScript 3 and will be embedded on the browser (so no downloads) and is due to be released within the next few months.

The game uses sprites from fire red and leaf green versions, although the old retro blue/red music is used. The game is programmed and designed entirely from scratch. There will be new towns, cities and areas to explore and possibly "ridable mounts".
Regarding the multiplayer, it will be programmed and written in Node.js and socket.io, there will be trading, pvp battling, competitions you can enter against other players etc.

We currently have 3 people working on the game including myself, but would be nice to have any else who wants to help speed up development.

We are currently looking for anyone from: ActionScript 3.0 programmers, Javascript programmers (specifically Node.js and Socket.io), Web designers/developers, image/logo designers, people with a basic knowledge of photoshop/fireworks or equivalent, spriters. Basically anyone who is interested and wants to help can.

This game is non-profit, any donations received will be used for webhosting and server costs. If you help significantly with the game development you may be appointed an administrative position or possibly paid from any surplus donation funds not needed for server costs.

You can check out the youtube channel if you are interested @PokemonCrisisMMO.

If interested please email to pokemoncrisis@gmail.com stating what you can do.