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Thread: How do I inspect a HTML object

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    How do I inspect a HTML object

    Can someone tell me how I can inspect an object in a HTML page by clicking on it?

    I've tried using Chrome's dev tools - it's actually awesome
    Also Chris Pederick's Web Developer in Firefox

    BUT: the problem is, you can't point at something and look at the code behind it. Instead you have to go through the code. This isn't a massive pain to do - but I just think it would be nice to point and see all CSS and and HTML behind that object clicked on or pointed to

    (I was't sure where to post this question, so I thought I'd be safe to post in general)



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    In my Chrome browser I can just pop up the menu and select "Inspect Element" and the tools panel opens in the bottom of the window and I can see the code.

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    firebug does exactly this for firefox...excellent tool, and free

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