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Thread: How high and wide must webpage be.

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    How high and wide must webpage be.

    Hi, I want to put a long rectangular image at the bottom of the page, but now when I put position from top 560px, then I can only see half the image, its under the writing. but the editor screen wont show the whole image.
    Must the page be a certain amount of pixels wide and high. How far position in pixels can I put it from the heading at the top.

    Also, I cant get the background color back. the code is
    body (

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    First, for the black background, try this:
    body {
    ...you had a parentheses () instead of a curly-brace {}

    As for the image on the bottom, you can try using
    in the properties for the image to make it stay put (even when you scroll)

    I also recommend adding a margin to the bottom of whatever other content you have that's the height of the image so that your content will clear the image if you scroll all the way down (so you won't get to the bottom of the page and have text stuck behind the image) -- you can also do this by adding a div that's the same height as the image after the end of all the content.

    And keep in mind, browsers and monitor-sizes vary, so your website needs to adapt to a variety of sizes.

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