I have an classic ASP application.
I have created an object variable for one of my COM component and I am calling its method in my JavaScript code.
This works just fine from my local machine but when I access my machine from another maching using the URL, same code does not work.
Object seems to get created successfully (typeof gives "object" for that variable) but method does not get invoked.
I checked IE security settings on that another machine, they are OK.

Below is code snipet.
var objImageFunction;
objImageFunction = new ActiveXObject("Proj1.Class1")
objImageFunction.DeleteFromPPFUploads("test", "sameer");
objImageFunction = null;
I have written trace code in the DLL which I am calling. That log gets written when i access my own machine locally but not when i access my machine from another machine using my URL.

What could be the reason?