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Thread: Simple Website With XML

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    Simple Website With XML

    This is my project. I want to share the codes with you.


    This study has emerged to update HTML-based websites easily. At first two versions, XML and XSL were used completely in the entire website. In this version, a single XML file has been considered as a simple database ( for frequently used applications such as announcements, news and photo albums in websites). On website, this XML file is used by parsing with Jquery. The study is also an example for AJAX usage.

    Read more and details: http://code.google.com/p/simple-website-with-xml/

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    Usually XML and JSON are used to transfer data not to store it, thus a server side solution (like PHP/MySQL) - along with AJAX - is more robust. Don't mention the security.

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    Yes, i know. This study was due to the need.Thanks for response.

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