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Thread: Help with some markup errors (html5, wordpress)

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    Help with some markup errors (html5, wordpress)

    I built a new theme for my personal site. I didn't have any markup errors till I added a facebook plugin. I'm not sure whether it's my theme causing issues or the plugin (Most likely the them). I'm not sure what the errors mean, and how I should go about fixing them. Any ideas?

    Heres the validation link http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=ht...Inline&group=0

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    Yes, it is the facebook plugin that is causing errors!

    You do not require to do anything regarding this as far as everything seems to be working fine (except the errors)!
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    Ok, well I added default wordpress galleries into my posts, and now I'm getting even more errors, it really feels like it's my theme, but I just can't tell which part.


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