I have a feeling this is way more simple than I'm making it, but I've spent the last several hours trying to figure it out to no avail, so here we are...

I've got a page that establishes list of variables as a string of comma separated values. I then take that list, parse it into an array using .split(',") and work with the respective values that way. Works great....

However, I find that if one of the values assembled into that string contains quotes, it breaks. Luckily, I can control the values that get put into that comma separated string and I tried adding a leading slash (\) before the quotes so they get ignored, but some how they still manage to get picked up when I make them variables and insert them later and pass them to a tooltip function

Here's my code:
//my starting string
var videoString = 'Video 1 | 12345, Video "Has quotation mark\'s" | 67890, Video 3 | 101112';

//split string into an array
var productVideos = new Array();
var productVideos = videoString.split(",");

for (video in productVideos) {
	//isolate video ID and title, which are used separately
	var node = String(productVideos[video]);
	var titleEnd = node.indexOf("|") - 1;
	var tempTitle = node.substr(0 ,titleEnd);
	var idStart = titleEnd+3;
	var tempID = node.substr(idStart);
	//assemble link to Vimeo
	var vidLink="http://vimeo.com/" + tempID;
	//when tempTitle contains quotes, this string throws errors. title and alt tags on the image also fail
	videoLinks += '<a href="' + vidLink + '" id="thumb' +tempID + '" title="' + tempTitle + '" onmouseover="tooltip.show(\'' + tempTitle + '\');" onmouseout="tooltip.hide();"><img id="img' +tempID + '" title="' + tempTitle + '" alt="' + tempTitle + '" src="images/video-thumbs/video.jpg"></a>';
//assemble links into preestablished container
container.innerHTML = videoLinks;
So, how can I allow videoString to contain values with quotations in them?

I checked out this link here, but it only seems to only be concerned with values that have commas in them, which mine are unlikely to have.

Any suggestions would much much appreciated. Thanks!