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Thread: Finding matched keywords in a exploded string.

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    Finding matched keywords in a exploded string.


    I have a large chunk of data that i'm using the below code to explode using an array of keywords, basically the data i have is sections which i need to split up, but there are potentially more than 3 sections in some cases.

    PHP Code:
    $string "start time 00:30 mid time 00:45 end time 01:00"
    $delim = array('start''mid''end');
    $step_01 str_replace($delim'+delim+'$string); //Extra step to create a uniform value
    $exploded_string explode('+delim+'$step_01);

    //prints out
    //[0]=> time 00:30 [1]=> time 00:45 [2]=> time 01:00 
    If there is four sections, it will print out this
    //[0]=> time 00:30 [1]=> time 00:45 [2]=> time 01:00 [3]=> time 02:00

    What i need to know, is there a way of finding out the matched keyword from the array to each section, e.g [2] = "End"

    Or possibly when a match is found, making a new array matching keywords to array parts?

    I'm a bit stuck on this! any help is much appreciated.

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    I might use preg_match_all(), e.g. (untested):
    PHP Code:
    preg_match_all('#(\S+) time (\d+:\d+)#i'$string$matchesPREG_SET_ORDER);
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