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Thread: Inserting into multiple tables

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    Exclamation Inserting into multiple tables

    I can't seem to insert data into multiple tables

    User(User_ID, Email, First_Name, Second_Name, Gender, Age, Password, Title)
    Workout(Workout_ID, User_ID, Date)
    Exercise(Exercise_ID, Name, Description, Image)
    Workout_Exercises(Workout_Exercises_ID, Workout_ID, Exercise_ID, Reps, Sets)

    Now when I go to do this:

    $insert1 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO exercise(Name) values('$exercise1');");
    $insert2 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO workout_exercises(Reps, Sets) values($reps1, $sets1);");
    The exercise gets inserted but the reps and sets do not get inserted into the workout_exercises table. I think this has something to do with the Exercise_ID and the Workout_ID but I am really not sure.

    Please someone help!

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    remember the basic of coding:

    always check the syntax if you omit single qoute, semi colon, etc.

    in your case

    $insert1 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO exercise(Name) values('$exercise1');");
    >remove the semi colon

    $insert2 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO workout_exercises(Reps, Sets) values('$reps1',' $sets1');");

    >enclose your values in single quote
    >remove semi colon


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