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Thread: Help choosing between PHP/RUBY/Whatever

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    Help choosing between PHP/RUBY/Whatever

    I really need help deciding which of these will fit my project the best. I know some programming, a bit of pascal/c, and I know some SQL, and some HTML.

    What I need done:

    A web store, products added in categories, with a picture. Clients can add products, but there is no need for traditional checkout. They need to have only one option at "checkout", a button that sends to an email they fill in their order. The sent order is without pictures of products.

    That's about all that needs to be done really. This has to happen this way because these "clients" are people in another country, they make their orders, give to one person, who emails them to us, we make the orders, and then on a given date that person comes and picks all the orders up.

    I can more or less guess how to make the database, had a course on SQL some years back, but how about the front end? like, the actual mmm "face" of it all? So, I can't decide what I should study to allow me to do it.

    Please advise.


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    I'm sure Ruby developers will disagree but I think php would be better to start out with for a project like this. It's been around longer and there's a much larger user and knowledge base to get help from. Plus you mentioned having some C experience, php borrows a lot of it's sytax from C.

    Your frontent is still going to be HTML/CSS regardless of which backend language you go with.

    That's my .02 anyway.
    "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
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    Have you minified your CSS/JS lately?

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