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Thread: [RESOLVED] ActionScript Error #2015

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    resolved [RESOLVED] ActionScript Error #2015

    Hi gang,
    at best I'm a novice AS programmer; I like to use filter transitions in my banners for webpages (clients like it). I've got by downloading a component and swapping in my images for the demo images and sometimes adding in a little AS for tweaking how it played.

    Following this pattern, I've run into a problem, specifically Error 2015; I asked Flash-Filter.net about it but they have yet to respond to my email. This component is a water-drop transition effect from one banner to another. The demo program code is not complicated here it is:

    /* *************************** */
    image_movieclip_array = [
    // [linkageNameOfMovieClip, waitAfterImage]
    [Image1, 1000],
    [Image2, 1000],
    [Image3, 1000]
    /* *************************** */

    // init vars
    var waitInterval:Number;
    var stage_img_array:Array = new Array();
    var ticker:Number = 0;
    var depthsTicker:Number;

    // attach movieclip
    for(var i = 0; i < image_movieclip_array.length; i++){
    var img:MovieClip = new image_movieclip_array[i][0]();

    // set vars
    var oldImage = stage_img_array[0];
    var newImage;
    var ff_componentripTransitionEffectAS3;

    // start transition

    function nextImage(){

    // clear interval

    // set vars
    if(++ticker == image_movieclip_array.length) ticker = 0;

    if(ff_component != null)
    ff_component = null;

    // set vars
    newImage = stage_img_array[ticker];


    ff_component = new DripTransitionEffectAS3();

    // init filter
    ff_component.init(oldImage, 75, Math.round(Math.random()*9999), true, false);
    ff_component.addEventListener(DripTransitionEffectAS3.ANIMATION_DONE, onComplete);

    // on complete method
    function onComplete(e:Event)
    // set wait interval
    waitInterval = setInterval(nextImage, image_movieclip_array[ticker][1]);
    oldImage = newImage;

    Here’s the error message:
    ArgumentError: Error #2015: Invalid BitmapData.
    at flash.display::BitmapData()
    at net.flashfilter.as3.effects::SuperEffect/getSourceBitmapData()
    at net.flashfilter.as3.effects::SuperEffect/initSuper()
    at net.flashfilter.as3.effects::E25_drip/init()
    at test_a_fla::MainTimeline/nextImage()
    at test_a_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()

    I set my linkage class to the Image1, Image2, etc . in the section at the top regarding parameters. I keep getting the above error 2015. Do I need to import BitmapData resources?

    Any suggestions?


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    moreno valley, California ,usa
    I found my mistake; when replacing the demo images with my own, in the library, I converted them to symbols and specified the linkage class in the properties panel. I went back and did everything again, but with one change, I actually dragged the images onto the stage, there I converted to symbol and set the linkage class. That simple step must set up the bitmap assets automatically in the background. Of course being a novice, I'm only guessing. Sometimes it helps to have dumb luck.


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