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Thread: [RESOLVED] CSS Miinumum height question

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    resolved [RESOLVED] CSS Miinumum height question

    I am designing a website you can see here:

    I have a content area located below the navigation bar. I have a CSS statement for this content that says min-height: 50px; with background-color: white;

    Within this content DIV area I have two Divs, one called Leftbox and one called Right box. In each of these boxes I have a bunch of <br> followed by &nbsp; just to give the boxes some height. These boxes have position: absolute, and are within the content area which has position: relative.

    As you can see, the leftbox and rightbox have made the content area height to contain these boxes, yet the background color is only 50 pixels high.

    How do I get the background color of the content area to fill the complete content area?

    The reason I set it up this way is because I will have many pages like this where the amount of text and photos in each of the leftbox and rightbox will be different on each page, and I want the content area pushed down to keep the footer at the bottom, but I also want the color of the content area to fill the complete content area.

    The colors I have shown are just so I can see where the different elements are located.
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