i'm looking for a slide show exclusively for text attached to css / that plays constantly / but with image files for the "back", "stop" & "forward" buttons.

I've searched for 3 days for something practical for a slide show that could be practical for a text scenario exclusively. What I've found were mostly javascript slide show's that were mainly for images & i'm not experienced enough to modify them for text attached to css.

the scenario im currently stuck with is 4 paragraphs in a div css overflow... not going to fly ascetically or in a appealing sense for my targeted audience.

**the scenario i'm hoping to have, is for * 4 paragraphs ( 4 layers in the ss, preferably DIV tags so i can add css on a external style sheet) * have the slide show perpetually playing * image files on the left and right for " back " & "forward " buttons.* and a image file on the bottom for a " stop" button *

if someone could give me a functional code & to educated me on where in the HTML to insert each portion of the code i'd greatly appreciate it , I've been searching since Thursday and here i am still looking on a Saturday morning !

o yea , i guess i could do this in fireworks but the only option i see is for FLASH & i don't want to go that route . i JUST DOWNLOADED adobe EDGE , maybe i experiment with this... i was hoping for JavaScript of something similar THANKS!