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Thread: Please help, Page layout issues

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    Smile Please help, Page layout issues

    Hi guys, hoping you can help me out here...

    I'm starting a little website up to sell, at 1st guitar strings, hopefully expanding nicely. It is called http://plecpicker.com

    I have had web coding/program coding experience, though not used these skills for a few years now.

    But that is one thing i want to 'get back'.

    The problem is the layout of the page changes in every browser, even when it looks right in IE and FF on my laptop, i upload it and its all wrong again

    My coding is amateurish and very... table happy.

    I just want my page to look the same whatever browser

    I mean my site looks better on my iPhone than IE!

    Help me out, what do i need to look into?

    Thanks in advance, PlecPicker Jones

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    I'd suggest reviewing some HTML and CSS basics first:
    This will allow you to control the elements on the page better.
    Then, validate your code as you build the page... Now your biggest error is a missing DOCTYPE
    Validate your web page here:
    Why do you need a DOCTYPE declaration?
    The way your page is laid out now... I think it's WAY too wide.... using 100%. I'd suggest you use a more standard and narrower layout, especially for mobile devices. One common scheme is called the 960 grid
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    Thanks guys, massive help!

    Check it http://plecpicker.com

    It scored a hatrick on my Iphone/IE/FF

    and that validator has nicely listed Validation Output: 248 Errors :S

    Better get crackin XD

    Thanks again

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