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Thread: Check Box to autofill other fields

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    Check Box to autofill other fields

    Hi have a form that has 2 different sections. First section is Business Address the 2nd is the Mailing address. I would like to get a script that I can add to my form that will add a Check Box with the following words: Click here if same as Business Address. When the client click the Check Box it will then auto fill the Mailing address with the Business Address.

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    HTML Code:
        <form name="_form">
            <label> Business Address: </label> <br/>
                <textarea name="_addr_busi"></textarea> <br/>
            <label> Mailing Address: </label> <br/>
                <textarea name="_addr_mail"></textarea>
            <label> <input type="checkbox" name="_checkbox" onclick="copy()" /> Click here if same as Business Address!</label>
        var copy = function () {
            if(document.forms['_form'].elements['_checkbox'].checked == true) {
                document.forms['_form'].elements['_addr_mail'].value = document.forms['_form'].elements['_addr_busi'].value;
            } else {
                document.forms['_form'].elements['_addr_mail'].value = '';
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