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Thread: Need help : posting content in sql database using php

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    Angry Need help : posting content in sql database using php

    I have a form which created in codeigniter framework. I want to post html content into sql database using that form. I am using cleditor editor for text area.
    when i was working in local host, this works fine. but in web server when i post content using this form, sometimes page not found error comes.

    what 's the problem. i am struggling with this problem for the past one week.

    i found the problem is not because of
    1)post_max-size in php.ini

    what are the other possiblities?
    can any one help me?

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    Sounds like a path error in your code... can you post the relavent bits?
    "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
    -- Douglas Adams

    Have you minified your CSS/JS lately?

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    it's not path error..if path error means , it won't work all the time. some times only i get the page not found error.Any way i given the code below..

    Codeigniter model function for this is

    PHP Code:
    $title strip_tags($barray['E_B_title']);
    $description strip_tags($barray['E_B_desc'],'<p><a><br><strong><em><li><ul><ol><img><span><font><b><i><u><strike><sup><sub><font><h3><h4><h5><h6><hr><table><tr><td><tbody><tfoot><th><thead>');
    $url $barray['E_B_url'];
    $v_url $barray['E_B_vurl'];
    $javascript '/<script[^>]*?>.*?<\/script>/si';
    $noscript ''
    $remove_iframe '/<iframe[^>]*?>.*?<\/iframe>/si';
    $remove_xml '/<xml[^>]*?>.*?<\/xml>/si';
    $description preg_replace($javascript$noscript$description); 
    $description preg_replace($remove_iframe$noscript$description);
    $description preg_replace($remove_xml$noscript$description);
    $description rawurlencode($description);
    $tags $barray['E_B_tags'];
    $date time();
    $E_post_flag $this->session->userdata('Post_flag');
    $E_post_flag == $barray['E_add_post_flag']) {
    $data = array(
    'component' => 'blog',
    'type' => 'posted a blog',
    'title' => $title,
    'description' => $description,
    'u_id' => $uid,
    'date' => $date,
    'c_id' =>$barray['E_B_catg'],
    'no_of_comments' => 0,
    'url' => $url,
    'place_id' => $barray['E_B_place'],
    'v_url' => $v_url,
    'flag' => 's'
    //$query = $this->db->insert('enx_blogs',$data);
    $query $this->db->insert('activity',$data); 
    i got description from cleditor editor and then i try insert all into the activity table.some times this works well. but sometimes i got page not found error.

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