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Thread: Need help : posting content in sql database using php

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    Angry Need help : posting content in sql database using php

    I have a form which created in codeigniter framework. I want to post html content into sql database using that form. I am using cleditor editor for text area.
    when i was working in local host, this works fine. but in web server when i post content using this form, sometimes page not found error comes.

    what 's the problem. i am struggling with this problem for the past one week.

    i found the problem is not because of
    1)post_max-size in php.ini

    what are the other possiblities?
    can any one help me?

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    Sounds like a path error in your code... can you post the relavent bits?

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    it's not path error..if path error means , it won't work all the time. some times only i get the page not found error.Any way i given the code below..

    Codeigniter model function for this is

    PHP Code:
    $title strip_tags($barray['E_B_title']);
    $description strip_tags($barray['E_B_desc'],'<p><a><br><strong><em><li><ul><ol><img><span><font><b><i><u><strike><sup><sub><font><h3><h4><h5><h6><hr><table><tr><td><tbody><tfoot><th><thead>');
    $url $barray['E_B_url'];
    $v_url $barray['E_B_vurl'];
    $javascript '/<script[^>]*?>.*?<\/script>/si';
    $noscript ''
    $remove_iframe '/<iframe[^>]*?>.*?<\/iframe>/si';
    $remove_xml '/<xml[^>]*?>.*?<\/xml>/si';
    $description preg_replace($javascript$noscript$description); 
    $description preg_replace($remove_iframe$noscript$description);
    $description preg_replace($remove_xml$noscript$description);
    $description rawurlencode($description);
    $tags $barray['E_B_tags'];
    $date time();
    $E_post_flag $this->session->userdata('Post_flag');
    $E_post_flag == $barray['E_add_post_flag']) {
    $data = array(
    'component' => 'blog',
    'type' => 'posted a blog',
    'title' => $title,
    'description' => $description,
    'u_id' => $uid,
    'date' => $date,
    'c_id' =>$barray['E_B_catg'],
    'no_of_comments' => 0,
    'url' => $url,
    'place_id' => $barray['E_B_place'],
    'v_url' => $v_url,
    'flag' => 's'
    //$query = $this->db->insert('enx_blogs',$data);
    $query $this->db->insert('activity',$data); 
    i got description from cleditor editor and then i try insert all into the activity table.some times this works well. but sometimes i got page not found error.

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