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Thread: Please review my community

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    Please review my community


    I just registered to the forums to get some feedback about my website.
    the url is sysunity.com

    On my website you can create a profile page about your computer. CPU-Z helps to gather information about your hardware thereby it takes less than a minute to create a simple PC profile.
    Once the profile is created, you can add pictures of you pc/laptop to your profile and generate forum signature banners which show your current hardware and lead to your profile page where visitors can view and rate and comment (only when registered) your profile.

    I am currently working on a "profile of the week" feature to reward people with the best profile of the week (based on ratings). but its not finished yet.

    What do you think about my website? What can be improved? Any features missing?

    Thanks in advance

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    A nice enough point, but I fail to grasp the point?

    If I want to boast about my specs, I use the same tools or others to determine a score.

    Why would I register, sign in and then use another bit of software to then upload a text document to tell me what I already know?

    It might have some purpose if you had your own hardware analyser that worked live from an applet but then the issue of trust is a big one as well.
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