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Thread: Webpage with spreadsheet functionality

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    Webpage with spreadsheet functionality

    I would like to create a webpage that looks and functions like a spreadsheet. More specifically I want the webpage to have 12 columns and 20 rows with a Combo Box in every row of the second column. Inside each Combo Box / (drop down menu), I want the same 5 options. I want each option linked to different text so whenever a different option is selected in the Combo Box corresponding text will display in the same row of Column 10. Finally, I would like a command button at the top of the page, that when it is clicked it will take all the data in the webpage and export it to a database or spreadsheet. Does anyone know where to begin in terms of creating this?

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    It sounds like you're essentially creating a giant <form> with a spreadsheet/grid layout. Creating such a form and the software to capture the information in a database isn't terribly difficult, but you would need to have some modest experience in programming in a server-side language like PHP and probably JavaScript, as well, for the user interface.

    If this is a personal project, it would be a good time to learn these skills so you can get this job done and continue to enhance your website over time. If its a commercial project, it might be best to post an offer on one of the freelancing websites and see what people would charge. You'll need to flesh out the details a bit more, but I would expect the costs to be pretty reasonable based on your post here. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
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    Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated.

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