As we all know.PHP framework and PHP Templates make it easy for web developing work. PHP framework make developers write MVC codes easier and PHP templates make the work division more clear between HTML designer and PHP programmer.

But there are three consideration of this architecture(or insufficients).

1: One is the performance.
2: the other is the complex sytax of PHP templates.
3: Complete grafic user interface for most simple work?

As we all know, lots of PHP codes running on the server side even for the simplest things. Part of this type of work may transfer to client side. Especially for data representation work. ----> We may consider Javascript(Ajax) with SEO subjoined to conduct it.

Some PHP templates have powerful functionalities but also complex syntax. It is not very easy to master. ----> We may consider the primitive HTML syntax with the smallest addon.

Is there any tool to implement the suggestions above and with complete graphic user interface ? There is an approaching try.

So I want to introduce the UI tool which can generate codes automatically

1: The generated apps have C++ performance but without any C++ coding work on server side.
2: It supports the primitive HTML templates functionality with Js and totally Ajax based by SEO functionality.
3: It supports C++ and PHP the "mixed programming" in one page for advanced users.
4: It make an wise engine which try to "guess" what are you want to do.....

Programmers need and only need to know how writing SQL and HTML to create most of this style of web apps.

There are online version to create web applications here at

Hope it can help.