Hi all,

I have been trying to figure this out for a few days already and can't seem to figure it out. I want to display a few images with a checkbox next to it so I can delete multiple images at once when I press the delete button.

My problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to check if the checkbox is checked. if I uncheck one of them and click the delete button it deletes one from the array but I don't know which one was unchecked. For example if I uncheck the second one the array shows:

[0] => on
[1] => on

but I don't know which of the three was unchecked?

Here is the code I have been testing with:

// if submit button is clicked
if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {
// do delete function();

// display deletethis[] array
if (isset($_POST['deletethis'])) {
echo "<pre>";
print_r ($_POST['deletethis']);
echo "</pre>";

$separate = array("http://funnypicturesimages.com/images/image/funny-dog-pictures.jpg", "http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-35wQMpYtNZc/TXWNx8y2xCI/AAAAAAAB_2o/9vZYNfWrGn8/s400/funny_demotivational_posters_01.jpg", "http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-TFnzZ8zFtgg/TXWNpodBkGI/AAAAAAAB_2Q/O_fOOSqFM6w/s400/funny_demotivational_posters_04.jpg");
echo '<form action="'.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'" method="post">';

// display each image from array
foreach ($separate as $value)
echo "<img src=".$value.">";
if ($_POST['deletethis'] = "on") {
} else {

if ($_POST['deletethis'] != "") {
echo "checked"; } else{ echo "unchecked"; }

// if checkbox currently checked display it checked else display unchecked
if ($checked == "checked") {
echo '<input type="checkbox" name="deletethis[]" checked="checked"/><br /><br />';
} else {
echo '<input type="checkbox" name="deletethis[]"/><br /><br />';

<center><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Delete Checked"></center>