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Thread: From a back button on browser, going to loopslider inner page from it came

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    Thumbs up From a back button on browser, going to loopslider inner page from it came

    Hi All,
    I have a loop slider of 4 pages. If I am on page 3 and click on any product on page 3. It goes to that product. But when I want to return back it starts the slider from start rather then page 3.

    So i would like to know, how to go back to the preview page where the user was by the back button on browser. The loopslider starts from start all the time.

    Any ideas , please help!!!



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    Did you find a solution to the slider problem?

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    Without seeing the code, it's impossible to be specific. In general, the key is to retain the page number of the preview page when the user clicks on the link to the product page. This can be done in several different ways, but it all depends on how the underlying software works.

    I'd probably recommend using a cookie in this situation because it's likely to be the easiest to integrate into some existing JavaScript. The preview page would always check for the presence of the last-page-number-seen cookie to determine which page to display. If none is found, page 1 is displayed by default. If the cookie is found, then the appropriate page number is displayed. Then the cookie is updated to indicate the last page visited by the user.
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