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Thread: CSS hover question

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    CSS hover question

    Me again

    I,m playing around with my site, it's getting somewhere now.

    I'm using the following css code in my page...

    h4:hover {color:red; font-size:106%; text-decoration:blink; }
    td:hover {font-size:106%; font-weight:900; }

    It's working great, except that i have a couple '<td>' tags that I don't want effected...

    I cant seem to 'class' it, it seems to be all or nothing...

    What do i need to change?

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    You'll need to either target them with selectors or add a class/id to target them. Post your HTML.
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    its http://plecpicker.com

    All the css is in a style tag at top

    its just a 1 page site. when i mouse over some text it gets a little bigger, but the rest of the page drops a fraction to compensate...

    How can i fix all the elements in place so this wont happen?

    I am having 1 other problem too.

    when you hover over the hover text, it gets a little bigger, which is intended, but the rest of the page drops a fraction when this happens.
    How can i fix it all nicely in place?
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