I'm trying to deal with a connection problem of my hosting service, I found out in this question


in my case, i get error using drupal, which uses a netbeans function through glassfish to store data to postgresql. that I get those error, but i have a problem with that (even if that's very well explained):

how could i manage what settings i have to change, since my web hosting service told me about IIS, but i've never used that tool, and i haven't found out any tutorial.

From httpfox i get the same NS_ERROR_NET_RESET, that occurs on the first click to the "save" button, or after a while that i don't view that page. So I even checked with fiddler2, and get this kind of message:

"ReadResponse() failed: The server did not return a response for this request."

so does anybody know what i should actually do to solve this problem?