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Thread: XML With HTML Script

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    XML With HTML Script

    Hi all,

    I hope you can help me. I'm currently developing a tourist website with flash, however on one of my XML's i want to include a trip advisor widget to appear.

    <wtext><![CDATA[<h1> xxx Bed and Breakfast</h1>
    <h2> xxxxxx@hotmail.com</h2>

    <div id="TA_rated348" class="TA_rated">
    <ul id="dRTeblmOv" class="TA_links Q92wsm">
    <li id="7nQ3lRBC" class="YzJFJ3Ir6LsW"><a href=http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/xxx.html>xxx</a></li>
    <script src="http://www.jscache.com/wejs?wtype=rated&amp;uniq=348&amp;locationId=568007&amp;lang=en_AU"></script>


    I'm new to XML, so your help appreicated. Can you please advise on how to insert these type of widgets into a flashsite or into XML?

    Thank you

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    I'm not sure I fully understand your problem. However I notice that your CDATA is not opened and closed properly.

    Can you elaborate on your problem?

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    Thank you for your reply,

    Can you tell me where is the CDATA not closed off?

    I'm trying to insert a HTML Widget, into an XML page. I'm not sure will this work. It works fine under HTML, and displays correctly. However I'm using a flash template and it doesn't seem to display anything.

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    No problem. Line 3 has CDATA opening however it does not close.

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