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Thread: What HTML 5 courses are worth doing?

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    Cool What HTML 5 courses are worth doing?

    Hi guys,

    My company has given me the opportunity to attend any courses I would like in order to improve my skill set. They're keen for me to learn html 5, and while I believe that most of the work should be done through self-teaching/reading, I don't want to turn down any free education/possible certification.

    The only problem is I'm not sure what's actually worth doing. In the past I've gone for Microsoft certifications since it's been something I've been able to add to my CV but with HTML 5 there is no certifying body (as far as I'm aware) so in this situation I'd like to attend a course where I can learn the most possible.

    The company's keen to steer away from flash and move towards html 5 for our interactives (due to ipads etc) so I'm keen to try and understand how I can use html 5 for this purpose. I've had a look at Adobe Edge and that seems quite interesting but not sure if it's worth pursuing. If anyone can give me an idea of where I can even start looking, then this would be great!


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    Considering HTML 5 isn't official, you won't be able to find something that will certify you in it. If you want an online resource, HTML 5 Rocks would be a good starting point. For a book, the Missing Manual series has one on HTML 5 and all things tied to it, ie more than just the new tags, and I have been reading through it.


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    Thanks. I agree with what you're saying, and I do think I'd probably be better off just teaching myself but since my company is willing to pay for all of this, I want to take advantage of any courses that may be useful.

    Are there none around that are remotely worth considering?

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