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Thread: Trouble stripping commas

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    Trouble stripping commas

    I have a string that I've pulled in from a text area as a string, I've done:
    var punct_less = s.replace(/[\.,-\/#!$%\^&\*;:{}=\-_`~()]/g,"");
    				var finalString = punct_less.replace(/\s{2,}/g,"");
    Then I through it in an array, actually a couple sorting and resorting.

    Then I finally took the array and used toString() on it and then I have tried every permutation of .replace() to pull the commas out of the rather large string with no success. My latest attempt was:
    inalstr = final.toString();    
    				finalstr.replace(/,/g, ' ');
    Could someone give me some guidance here? I've messed with reg exp as you can see up top...someone where when I split or toString it added all these commas. Thanks a lot people

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    did you try with join?

    arr =[1,2,3,4]

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