Hi, I click file in coffee cup editor, then new from theme/layout. The window opens, but then I click on my themes folder, but it is always empty. I dont understand, cause I keep putting the webtheme image which was downloaded into the theme folder.
I put webtheme in the theme folder. If I take the theme folder out the editor and on the desktop. And then click on it, the webtheme image is inside it.
But, when I put the theme folder back into the from theme layout window in the editor, and then click on theme folder, the webtheme image wont display.
just says, No items match your search.

I tried the other way by clicking on the icons on the left where it says spencer then underneath that, Pictures etc. I click on pictures, then on webfile, where I put the webtheme image in aswell, but it just says empty.
But if I do this outside the editor and click on pictures, then webfile, then the webtheme will be there.
Im trying to get the downloaded theme into the coffee cup editor. Its not just an image I downloaded, Its a proper template, cause when I click on view source code, it is there.

The template, I just named it webtheme.