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Thread: entering data from backend and outputting on a page

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    entering data from backend and outputting on a page

    Hi. I am working on an initiative for a "green" not-for-profit. I have a pledge web page with a simple form which will be inputting data from 2 fields. One field will be a checkbox indicating that the user wants to take a pledge. The second filed will be a drop-down indicating their location and storing it into the mySql db.

    I need to be able to do bulk updates for people who will be taking the pledge but down have access to a computer. i.e. students in an auditorium. Is there a way that I can manually input that number of "200" in the backend and have it outputted to on the website along with the other pledges collected?
    ie. "1700" people have pledged.

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    Sure. Do you have access to the database? You could run a query manually, use a gui, write a script, etc.

    If you provide a little more detail maybe I could be more specific but the simple answer to your question is Yes.
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