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Thread: 1st Site - Please Review

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    1st Site - Please Review


    This is my first attempt at a site.

    I would appreciate any feedback - be as honest and brutal as you like (the odd compliment would be nice too)

    The site has two aims :-

    - promote my rental apartment in Spain
    - provide on-line booking
    - accept c/cards for deposit payment
    - remove tiresome problem of sending contracts and booking forms thru the post

    - design and sell websites to other property owners
    - provide on-line order facility
    - accept c/cards

    The site is :-


    Many Thanks


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    Youve got more JavaScript on there than you do HTML. So what happens if JavaScript is disabled?
    And it looks like blah in Mozila FireBird.
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    Overall a nice design but the realization is pretty bad. The #1 problem is there is way too much text needlessly represented as images.

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    Your submission is much better than other "1st's" I've seen.

    Your color layout is quite appealing.

    The site is very informative

    Some text is quite small, making it difficult to read.

    I have to agree with Soccor, too much JS
    No doubt, you want everyone to see this site. However, the use of mostly JS ensures that everyone will NOT see it.

    I have to agree with ray, too many images representing text. I suggest that in place of those images, use a closely matching font and color. This will significantly speed load times.

    For a first try, I give a 'B-', primarily b/c it has FRONTPAGE written all over it.Otherwise, it would have been A-.
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    I dont like the strike out effect on the dates that are unavailable, hard on my eyes, although i suppose i dont really need to know them.

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    good website.
    layout http://forums.webdeveloper.com/images/icons/icon14.gif
    colour choice http://forums.webdeveloper.com/images/icons/icon9.gif
    loading time http://forums.webdeveloper.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

    rating 7/10

    comments:Could be a better color choice but the layout and loading times were good.You could build on it and change the colour to say,two different light shades of blue to give that holiday feeling.
    copy and paste the following code into a notepad document and save it as 'nameofdoc.html' ; )

    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    function click() {
    if (event.button==2) {
    alert('No one steals from skool h8r!');
    // -->

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    Ya seem to have some layout issues with Firebird 0.7.

    I'd switch colors.

    You could do the menu completely with CSS.

    Other than that, mad props, major kudos, and all the rest. Nice work.
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