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Thread: Button Text Does not show in IE but shows in Firefox

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    Button Text Does not show in IE but shows in Firefox

    Hi, I was asked by my boss to fix this problem on our companies webpage. I am a student web developer but work as a business kind of roll right now. ANYWAY

    Their original webpage was made on wordpress , I do not know if that affects anything. I guess they used Jquery to make the website 5 tabs instead of 5 seperate pages. On firefox the buttons which are in <strong> tags show up fine, but in explorer they do not.

    In dreamweaver when I open them up with IE they show until I click a button then they are gone. I tried putting them in <p> tags around the strong tags. Tried making divs for each button, switching the strong tags to a header tag.

    Any help would be great.. Thanks

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    the webpage is

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    I cant seem to replicate the problem using IE8 (only version I have access to at the mo)

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