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Thread: different content different browsersize

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    Question different content different browsersize

    Good morning,

    I tried several things finding codes on the internet, but nothing works.
    Because I don't know javascript myself I really can use your help.

    I already can use different css when browsersize changes, so that is great.
    But what I also want is different content for different browsersize (and not just hide or show it with css).

    Is this possible with javascript?

    Kind regards Willem

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    Hey !

    It is definitely possible JavaScript

    Simplest approach is - Have 3 different JS files for 3 different browser sizes. For meaning statically if you include one JS file, that should be working fine in a particular browser size.

    The onload of the page call a method -> You should calculate the browser sizes in this method and also could write some switch cases, and load one of these JS files for each browser size.

    You will get lot of code snippets for dynamic JS loading

    Hope this helps !

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