I am a total rookie with web development. It's safe to say I know very very little about html, css, php or anything for that matter.

I do most of my web design in Dreamweaver. With that said, please help me out

I am trying to achieve a video thumbnail effect with my page. It's here: http://www.androfactory.com/category-s/1826.htm

As you can see, there is a spot for the instructional video to be played, and on the right hand side there are small thumnails that when clicked, should replace the current video in that section.

How can I achieve an effect where there is one video area, and thumbnails that can play the desired clip when desired?

Please answer in as basic way as you can as most of the replies will most likely look like a foreign language to me

Thank you so much in advance.

By the way, if you have any tips on how to change up my layout to make it look better, that'd be cool too.

You have no idea how much your answers and your help means to me! Thanks!!