I'm new to JS and need to do the following.

I will need a select box with the following selections:

300=Patron King
500=Patron Master
1000=Patron Grandmaster

If Individual is selected nothing else needs to happen.

If Family is selected, a text box appears asking how many members. Needs to only accept up to two numbers.

If any of the patron selections are made, a question appears with two radio boxes asking if they will be registering any family members. If yes is selected on the one radio box, then the text box appears as for the Family selection. If no is selected, nothing else needs to happen.

When I say nothing else needs to happen, the user will be completing the rest of the form which does not need any JS.

I don't need a submit button as the form processor I'm using (ChronoForms) already provides this.

Thanks for any assistance.