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Thread: please review my website!!

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    please review my website!!

    please review my website and give me your opanion, Thanx in advanced


    Love you all

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    Northern UK :((
    Hello bulbul.

    First off, I would like to say most of the information on your footer isn't necessary. I know your web page is developed by your company, who else would it be developed by? Why do I need navigation for your website at the top AND the bottom of the page?

    Are you sure your colours go together? The black and the animation is abruptly cut off in to white ...
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    Thanx a lot for your comment I will consider the design, the menu I am looking to extend the content of my website in the future and I want the user to easily find the menu and navigate through the website....

    Thanx again

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    Looks great! I have only one suggestion for you to make the backround of the buttons on the top a little bit brighter!
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    Website is ok, and also domain is old (Sep-2009)but seo work is so poor, so try to work for increase your website visiblity on internet.

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    in middle part 3 things you are showing

    web marketing, web Hosting, web design keep it in proper flow. H is capital. Either keep the same for all or for none. also your top menu is i feel less visible, i think you should improve its color combination(dark back with dark gray is less appealing) Also for services you can use drop down

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