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    Images Upload

    i want to develop web application which will allow to upload a lot of big images
    and then allows to make some manipulations on them, like online photo album.
    i thoungh of something like, upload thumbnails and let the user begin to create, and meanwhile upload the big original images, but it have his problems, like timeout or computer shut down or else..
    anyonwe have some briliant idea?
    is it true that once user selected the image, i need to upload it right away,otherwhie i will loose a reference to it?
    need help

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    If you intend to allow users to upload large image files, such as the original images from digital cameras, you're really going to need a dedicated server or at least a virtual dedicated server so that you'll have control over time-outs and other limits. Shared hosts simply won't accommodate this capability because it slows the server down too much and consumes a large amount of bandwidth.

    I'm not sure what your question is about uploading an image right away. What exactly do you mean?

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    thanks for thew reply,
    about your question, i meant that becouse server cant access clients local file system automaticly, that means that the only way to upload images is when user selecting them with <input type="file"... (or .net similar component
    and only on click event i have the refernce to that image. if i uploading only the thumbnail of it, then after the user leaves the site, and comes again, there is no way to access somehow and upload the original image?right? thats what i meant on "right away"

    2: about the dedicated server, what do you mean? will it help somehow with upload speed?will it help me to make sure, lets say, user picked 20 pictures of 5 MB. i need then to upload 100 MB. while user creating the album its uploading, but when user close the computer, and then comes back and logging in of course, can i somehow continue the upload?

    thank you

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    You're right that your website has limited access to the files on the user's computer. You might look into using Java (not JavaScript) to do some of the things you mention. I don't work with Java, but it might solve many problems for you.

    A dedicated server or virtual dedicated server would give you control over the settings that control things like the maximum upload size and script execution time limits so that your users could upload large files. Shared hosts/servers have limits that make uploading large files impossible or at least unreliable.

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