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Thread: Making my website in php, any advice?

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    Making my website in php, any advice?

    Hey guys, I'm soon to be launching a site selling guitar accessories,
    And I decided to refresh my coding skills and do it myself.

    Thanks to some tips here, i have based my site on a 960 24col css grid, then coded it into php functions.

    My site enables users to choose what type of product, in various currencys(p+p included so seperate paypal links to each)
    it uses sql to show the appropriat data

    I dont like the menu system i have at the minute.

    The graphics i have done myself, so they suck, will update.

    Have some junk database inserts for testing. need to update full stock.

    Any advice on any aspect attal would be appreciated.

    the link is http://plecpicker.com
    the css is visible in the source.
    Heres my php/html code:

    All feedback welcome

    I kno its far from perfect.

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    The background image takes the focus away from your page content. Consider using a plain color or a settle vertical gradient that provide contrast with the page.
    Maybe you should consider reducing the height of the top section with all the Paypal logos that way you products will be displayed above the fold. I would even go as far as moving those Paypal graphics to the footer of the page

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    The website is to simple and not really attractive. Change the background into color, create menu with gradient effects, paypal image is too big. Please try to look other css templates to get rocking idea.

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