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Thread: Review RantRally

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    Review RantRally

    I would love to get feedback on our recently launched site:


    Please let me know if you "get it" right away and if you find it easy to use.


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    Centre your footer underneath the content and put the links and copywright on separate lines.

    As for the concept, I "get it" right away, but the wrong one.

    Rant-rally? Rant makes me think this is a site where I can go to upload my passionate rants and I imagine a emblem like the "I am sparta" face.

    However it seems like this is more like a site just to embed audio capability for bloggers and a new way to reach their audience? If so, "Rant" may be the wrong word to use.

    Consider underneath Rant-rally at the top, a slogan a few words in length to clarify your position.
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