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Thread: Dynamics / Sharepoint / CMS Integration

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    Dynamics / Sharepoint / CMS Integration

    We currently have an intranet, website, and cmd all integrated in PHP. Were looking to move to using Microsofts Sharepoint, Dynamics CRM, and creating a website to interact with those.

    I'm most familiar with PHP, and am wondering if its bad idea to build a website in Php to connect with the MS SQL databases or better to build in .Net? If I need to go the .Net route, is there a CMS that already has modules/plugins that easily connect with the MS Software? Thanks for any help.

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    Maybe I should rephrase this. Is there a CMS that currently has modules or components that integrate with Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint?

    I've always used Joomla, but I've read good things about umbraco and Sitefinity.

    Would going with a php based CMS really restrict me in integration with a MS SQL environment?

    I'm new to the .net world, so any help would be appreciated.


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    this system called Ektron.
    Some of the pretty big businesses using it in connection with SharePoint and CRM. It is NET based system and as a result it is not a freeware.
    More details you can get at ektron.com.
    They do provide pretty good tech support to the point and for the money (of course, who will do that for fun)

    I would not go with the Umbraco. Too complicated to implemented especially on load balanced or clustered environment.
    Only pluses of Umbraco I see that it is partially Open Source, but to get tech support: dream on.
    Plus keep in mind that you will need really good NET developers to maintain Umbraco since you will not get it as actual NET project rather as something which is published web site without back-end coding, project or solution files. Good C# or VB# developer will be able to gather it under one roof but it will take some time and money.
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    A great variety of CMSs is available out in the market and no matter what kind of website you’re working on, you’ll find one best suited CMS for it! But i will prefer you to go with Umbraco. Umbraco is an open source CMS which can be used to publish the content of websites by using WWW and intranets. Because of the dedicated Umbraco developers, this CMS is known to be fully featured and it can run a great variety of content ranging from a small brochure to huge media websites. The tools and features by the Umbraco CMS, allow designers, whether a beginner or a professional, to create stunning websites. Hence, Umbraco can be used for the custom web development services too.

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