Hey everyone. I'm new here, so I'm just an amateur developer. I've been creating personal sites since around 2007. And this is the first time I've had to go to great lengths to find out how to do something.

Okay. As you know, I plan to have a reference to deviantart.com comments. As a graphic designer, I've made several publications to deviantart.com, a free image sharing community. I understand that deviantart gives a free comment posting feature, which I have utilized. Well, I also run a personal site where I have many (and more) of my projects in a portfolio. [ Here's my portfolio ] I've linked many different profiles to my website, so whenever a person from, for instance, macrumors forums, wants to leave a comment on my portfolio, I want it to be deviantart that hosts my comments. Here. I'll give an example.

Here's my deviantArt submission, I submitted this morning.
deviantArt - iKon
Here's my webpage that I wish to add the comments feature onto.
Tibneo - iKon

I want my visitors to be able to comment on my projects through deviantart without leaving my site. I also wish for these to be updated live and for users to see what others think.

If you need more clarification on this, I'll be glad to help.
Please, any help on this is beneficial. Maybe this is called a certain thing, but I don't know what it's called. Like I said, I'm an amateur.