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    #Linking in classes

    I am in a little bit of a dilemma. My issue is that I am trying to make one of my tabs link to an outbound website URL using an href. However I am working with HTML that uses Javascript to show only certain div fields based upon what tab you click on.

    My question is: I need to be able to make the tab-portfolio class link to an outbound website without showing all division fields. I have tried changing my href, but when I do, it messes up the javascript and shows all of my division fields in the code which isn't correct.

    The HTML code is as follows:

    <!-- Menu -->
                    <div class="menu">
                    	<ul class="tabs">
                        	<li><a href="#profile" class="tab-profile">Profile</a></li>
                        	<li><a href="#resume" class="tab-resume">Resume</a></li>
                        	<li><a href="#portfolio" class="tab-portfolio">Portfolio</a></li>
                        	<li><a href="#contact" class="tab-contact">Contact</a></li>
                    <!-- /Menu -->
    The Javascript is as follows:
    /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */
    	/*	Menu
    	/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */
    	// Needed variables
    	var $content 		= $("#content");
    	// Run easytabs
    	  animate			: true,
    	  updateHash		: false,
    	  transitionIn		:'slideDown',
    	  transitionOut		:'slideUp',
    	  animationSpeed	:600,
    	  tabs				:"> .menu > ul > li",
    	  tabActiveClass	:'active',
    	// Hover menu effect
    	$content.find('.tabs li a').hover(
    		function() {
    			$(this).stop().animate({ marginTop: "-7px" }, 200);
    			$(this).stop().animate({ marginTop: "0px" }, 300);

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    How about just write a jquery event handler for the portfolio link.

    $("#content .tabs li .tab-portfolio").click(function(){
    document.href="URL of external website";

    Of course you can also opt to open the external web site in a new window.

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