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Thread: How to put downloade webtheme from explorer into webeditor

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    How to put downloade webtheme from explorer into webeditor

    Hi, when I open it says C:/users/spencer/pictures/1stpagetheme.htm

    But it opens in explorer browser.
    I need the webtheme in the webeditor.
    If I click on file menu ontop it has:
    save as
    close tab
    page setup
    print preview
    import and export
    work offline

    If I click on send it has - page by email
    link by email
    shortcut to desktop

    Tried to send to shortcut to desktop. But then when I open it their, its the same story, It opens in explorer again.
    I need to save it somehow so it opens in the webeditor, so I can change the text there and add some.
    when I do open it in the webeditor it has the explorer toolbar ontop, thats what Im trying to get rid of.

    If I save as type, these are the options: (webpage, complete(*html*html)
    web archive,single file (*mht)
    webpage html only (*htm,*html)
    text file (*.txt)

    Which one do I save as type then.
    If I save it, it just saves as a explorer icon.
    Im trying to get it out of the explorer,

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    Right click the 1stpagetheme.htm file and select Open With. Browse to your web editor and select it. Make sure you do not have the box checked to always use this program as you want .htm/,html extensions to be associated with your browser. It's better to save your files you want to edit in your web editor's projects folder and open from there.

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