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Thread: [RESOLVED] Setup contact@mydomain.com as my email id in my website ?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Setup contact@mydomain.com as my email id in my website ?

    I have a domain and I am hosting it on **********.com. When I go to my domain registrars website and login it shows that I have been given upto 5 free email ids, but somehow I am unable to figure out a way to use them. When I go to the email section it shows
    "Your Email service is not configured correctly. To use this service, you must first configure the Name Servers of your Domain Name."

    and below that there is an option that says :-
    "Add the following records to your Domain Name's existing Name Servers

    mydomain.com IN TXT ""v=spf1 redirect=_spf.mailhostbox.com""
    123456789._domainkey.mydomain.com IN TXT
    etc etc and three MX records.

    I know that I have to add MX record to my hosting account and I have already done that but I have been given 3 MX records by my domain registrar and my hosting provider only allows 1 MX entry (as I can find only 1).

    Is there something I am missing ? Please help me out ! It would mean so much to me !


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    This should go in General or Other.

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