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Thread: Problems with information box

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    Problems with information box

    I have been working on a website and have uploaded the trial version to www.cherrietestingwebsite.com I have used jquery to display the information in my site. However I would like to change the caption box dimension (the black box with the text in it) so it displays only half way along the picture but stretches further down it, as oppose to stretching right the way along. However it does not allow me to do it for some strange reason. Also on all the other pages with the exception of the hompepage I would just like the image and box with the information in it to load once and stay there without continually alternating. I don't really know how to write java so am pretty much stuck. Any help would be great thanks.

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    The style of that box is hard-code in the home page. So you can just look in the HTML for

    <div class="caption" style="width: 950px; opacity: 0.85; height: 100px; display: block; ">

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